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21 November
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slowbob wrote this eulogy for me:
I hope I never have to write your eulogy. If I must, I promise to rap it, "break it down" to NWA's "Straight Outta Compton"
"Gonna miss Teaa!
Crazy motherf#$#$ named J-Bird
Gonna cry till police get me interred
When I'm called on
I get my sad on
shoot the tears, soak the world like a tampon!"

sarahlicious13: Miss Teaa makes people gay.

shylon: Far too many people lust after you for you to be anything less than the perfect Teaa

dan501: broken or not, the blowjobs make it all worthwhile.

blueelephant: Beau-Teaa-ful

mspunkrockstar: cooler than Jesus!!!!!!

gina: Oh my god, there's a gorgeous, wonderful woman available now!

dietcokeofevil5: You *ARE* the cutest, biggest dork ever.

rydot: You are my supergirl

theodora: Long live Teaa the massage therapist.

totallyhot: to know the Teaa is to love the Teaa. anyone who doesn't follow this rule has their head up their bottom.

jaso: Ah, 1977. Who can forget it? Well, if you're like me, you can- because you were barely two years old. But I hear from sources close to 1977 that it was a gay old time. Leo Sayer's You Make Me Feel Like Dancing was tearing up the Billboard Charts. Movie buffs were lining up for the late show of some crazy experimental movie called Star Wars. And television’s The Waltons was enjoyed by...well, we're not really sure who liked The Waltons, or why.

But all of these events were of microscopic historical importance in comparison to what happened in Richmond, Virginia on November 21st of that same year, as Sharon Bradley steeled her nerves and brought tiny Teaa Suzanne into the world at 7:41pm Eastern Time.

For ages, the ancient prophets had...well...prophesized that this moment would come. And for a quarter century scientists, loved ones and heck, all of society have been studying this wondrous creature. Who knows what lies beneath the layers of too-cool-for-school clothing, the dirty blonde-no, pink-no, platinum blonde-no, black hair, that aura of overwhelming fun-ness, that aura of tantalizing sexuality?

Well, I do. Many do. For Teaa, above nearly everything else, is a giving and gracious friend. She's easy to get to know and (speaking from first-hand experience) refuses to take "maybe" for an answer. Resistance is useless.

So follow her down the long and winding road filled with muppets, converse, vegetarian food, and red celicas and I promise that at the end, you will have truly lived.

sapience: I highly recommend her for all of your making-life-a-better-place-to-live-in needs


I got to make out with her before most of you knew her. So NYAHH!

80's music, atari, baby cheeses, bagel and jamba juice, being blunt, being dominated, being loved, being where lori is, ben folds five, bill barretta, bindlestiff family cirkus, bisexuality, black rock city, boys in converse, boys with sensitive nipples, breast therapy, bucket of fish, buffy the vampire slayer, burning man, cheese, cheesy pickup lines, chuck taylors, clothes, converse, converse high-tops, costumes, cuddling, cute jewish guys, dancing, defer, dia de los muertos, don't mess with texas, donnie darko, dood, douglas adams, dr. seuss, dream a little dream, dressing up, elfquest, emperor's new art theory, ender's game, errand boy philosophy, fiendish thingies, flirting, fraggle rock, fun and merriment, fun with cupcakes, george r.r. martin, giving great oral sex, glitter, hair pulling, harry nilsson, harry potter, hedonism, hedwig_and_the_angry_inch, hoodies, hot showers, hotel sex, i support that, ice cream, inside jokes, intensely personal conversations, interesting word usements, jim henson, just jeans, kevin smith, kissing, knocking their socks off, live music, making out, massage therapy, neil finn, neil gaiman, never done that before, not collecting stamps, not dating normals, obscure references, passion, people reading my interests, pepe, pink floyd, poi dog pondering, puns, rainbow carnage, red, renaissance faire, rocking the casbah, scent of corn tortillas, sex dreams, sex injuries, shut up... it's art, signed dollars, sins o' the flesh, six feet under, socks, sound and fury, spontanudity, super breakout, supergirl, swing dancing, syd barrett, tad williams, the beatles, the best thing ever, the muppets, the point, the strangest things, they might be giants, throws of passion, tim burton, toast and jelly, tom robbins, trader joe's, twin peaks, vibrators, vurt, wallace and gromit, wearing red, welcome home, whistling in the dark, willis, windows to sky, witch mountain, yum


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